Ravenscroft Homeowners Association - Hamilton, New Jersey

Frequently Asked Questions

I want to replace my windows, do I need permission from the Association?
Yes. All exterior modifications, even replacements, require approval from the Architectural Committee prior to beginning work. If it can be seen on the outside, you need approval.
How long does it take to get approval from the Architectural Committee?
That all depends on how thorough the application is. The more detail contained in the application, the faster it will be processed. Applications that are missing information take longer to process than complete applications. Please refer to the Architectural Guidelines for requirements.
When are the Board meetings?
Ravenscroft Homeowner Association open session meetings are held the fourth Thursday of every month, except February, August, November and December. Meetings start at 6:30pm in the clubhouse.
Ravenscroft Condo-owner Association open session meetings are are held the third Thursday of every month, except August and December. Meetings start at 7:00pm in the clubhouse.
How do I get in touch with the Board?
You can attend an open session meeting (listed above) or write a letter and send it to P.O. Box 3709, Princeton, NJ 08543.
I am selling/buying a unit in Ravenscroft. What do I need to do?
Your closing agent (attorney or title company) must send a written request for a closing statement at least a week prior to the closing. Requests can be faxed to (609) 802-0148 attention Kathy Kish. Requests for insurance information should be directed to the insurance company.
Are signs allowed?
Most signs are not permitted. One for sale sign may be posted in the window. No sign of any kind is permitted on the lawn. This includes for sale, contractor and political signs. On the day of an open house one sign may be placed on the front lawn and one at the entrance to the property on the day of the open house only.
Is the clubhouse available to rent?
Yes, the clubhouse is available for residents to rent. You may find more information here.
When is trash/recycling picked up?
Trash pickup is every Wednesday and Saturday, and recycling pickup is every other Saturday. Residents should place garbage curbside no earlier than 7:00PM the night before pickup. If you miss the pickup, you must wait until the next scheduled pickup day to place you garbage at the curb and should leave no items at the curb until the night before the next pickup.