Ravenscroft Homeowners Association - Hamilton, New Jersey

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Winter 2010/11 - Ravenscroft Snowfall Totals

26-December-2010 - 14.0 inches

7-January-2011 - 1.4 inches

8-January-2011 - 2.1 inches

11-January-2011 - 8.5 inches

17-January-2011 - 1.5 inches (Snow and Ice)

21-January-2011 - 3 inches

26-January-2011 - 16 inches

1-February-2011 - Ice

Winter 2010/11 - Snow and Ice Removal 02-NOV-2010

Winter is quickly approaching and in the event of snow please be aware of the following:

Snow removal is automatic for accumulations greater than four (4) inches (2 for Condos).  For any lesser amounts the board needs to approve, this is to keep costs down to all residents. 

Clearing of sidewalks (and walkways in Condos) will begin after the snow stops falling.  In cases of significant accumulation (greater than ten inches) additional clearings will be done during the snow event.

Application of ice control on roadways, sidewalks, mailbox areas and for Condos walkways, will be done after the snow has been cleared.

Residents are asked to use caution during snow/ice events.  Surfaces that are shiny or appear wet, especially in the morning hours or just after sunset may be extremely slippery. 

Please do not park on the roadway if snow is forecasted.  Move your vehicle from aprking areas when plows are present to allow for prper clearing and avoid being plowed in.

Do not use rock salk, it will damage paved surfaces and kill the grass.

Communicate any concerns and questions to the pproperty manager as soon as possible.  The sooner they are reported the sooner they can be fixed.

Prepare for Winter 02-NOV-2010

Here are some helpful tips to avoid winter damage to your home:

  • Winterize all outside spigots by shutting off the inside valve and draining the remaining water from the outside, then leave the outside valve open.
  • Have your heating system checked by a qualified technician. Replace filters every 3 months.
  • Check your hot water heater for damage, wear, rust and/or deposits. These are signs it is in need of replacement.
  • Smoke detectors should be tested, batteries changed and fire extinguishers charged.
  • Fireplaces, chimneys, dryer vents and heater flues should be cleaned at least every two years.
  • Leave your heat on to a minimum of 60 degrees, especially if you are a “snowbird” or go away on vacation. Leave doors ajar to closets where water pipes are hidden to allow heat to reach these locations.

Volunteers Wanted 31-OCT-2010

Association members are encouraged to become involved in the community by volunteering to serve on the Board, a Committee or just to help out planning and implementing an event. Your help is needed, and no offer of help is too small. Contact us and let us know how you are able to participate in your community.