Ravenscroft Homeowners Association - Hamilton, New Jersey

Swimming Pool

The pool will be opening on Memorial day weekend with weekend hours and then full season hours during the summer months.

Pool Hours


Monday 11 - 7
Tuesday11 - 7
Wednesday12 - 8
Thursday11 - 7
Friday12 - 8
Saturday11 - 7
Sunday11 - 7
Swimming Pool

Pool Rules

  1. Each owner / resident must show a valid pool membership badge to the lifeguard and sign in with the lifeguard before entering the pool area. Only homeowners in good standing (no past due maintenance fees, late fees, fines or special assessments) may use the recreational facilities.)
  2. No person will be admitted to the pool area without a current pool membership badge with Validation Sticker. – NO EXCEPTIONS. If you do not have a current badge, contact the Management company during regular business hours. The pool staff can not validate or issue badges.
  3. Guests must be accompanied by a resident (at least 18 yrs old) with a valid membership badge. Use of the pool is restricted to residents of ravenscroft and their guests.
  4. Children under fourteen (14) must be accompanied by an adult at all times. Children in violation of this rule will be asked to leave the pool. PLEASE WATCH YOUR CHILDREN WHEN THEY ARE IN THE POOL AREA.
  5. ALL BATHERS MUST SHOWER PRIOR TO ENTERING THE POOL. This is a requirement of the state and local health codes.
  6. Food is permitted in the pool area provided that you clean up after yourself. Trash must be discarded in the trash receptacles throughout the pool area. Drinks are permitted in the pool area but under no circumstances will glass be permitted anywhere within the pool enclosure. ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES ARE NOT PERMITTED AT ANY TIME
  7. SMOKING IS PROHIBITED inside the pool enclosure. Smoking is allowed only in areas designated for that purpose.
  8. Intoxication and other substance-related impairment or other conduct which jeopardizes the safety of any individual or which constitutes a nuisance to others is prohibited. Any person who exhibits unsafe or obnoxious conduct related to such impairment or otherwise will be asked to leave the pool area and/or will be denied access to the pool area. Repeat violations may result in permanent suspension of pool access for the remainder of the season.
  9. Admission will not be allowed to persons showing evidence of infectious diseases, cuts or bandages.
  10. Only bathing suits or appropriate swim attire are permitted in the pool. No cut-offs are allowed.
  11. BABIES MUST WEAR CLOSE-FITTING SWIMMERS. Disposable diapers are not permitted, as they are hazardous to the pool filtration system. Anyone using disposable diapers will be asked to leave the pool.
  12. Grills and other cooking devices are not permitted in the pool area. All garbage and other debris must be removed when leaving the pool area.
  13. Floatation devices are permitted in the pool, subject to the discretion of the lifeguard regarding their safe usage. Swimmies (tube with vest), or US Coast Guard approved vests may be worn by young children in the pool accompanied by an adult. Children under five (5) years of age or non-swimmers must have an adult with them at all times while in the pool.
  14.  Please be considerate of others. No running around the pool deck area. No horseplay or unnecessary splashing in the pool. No ball playing. No loud Radios are to be used in the pool area. NO PETS are allowed in the pool area.
  15. LIFEGUARDS HAVE THE FINAL SAY as to whether the pool will be open or closed during periods of inclement weather.
  17. Inconsiderate, rude, defiant or abusive behavior toward the pool company staff will not be tolerated. If you have an issue with a pool staff member contact Management. Anyone who mistreats the pool company staff will be asked to leave the pool area.
  18. LIFEGUARDS HAVE FULL AUTHORITY TO ENFORCE ALL RULES AND REGULATIONS. Anyone who does not listen to the lifeguard’s direction will be asked to leave the pool area and is subject to suspension of privileges.